Three Art & Sip sessions in one week...

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed running three Art & Sip sessions last week. The first was a private party for some members of the New City Girls W.I. with a birthday celebration to add to the fun on Tuesday evening. I'm very pleased to say everyone really enjoyed the class and the W.I, which is the largest women’s institute in Chelmsford, will be booking more private sessions from October.

The second Art & Sip was the monthly session which takes place one Thursday each month. The classes are always fun and fully of creativity. As these sessions have become fully booked I will be running two a month from September.

The last session was a private art party for a birthday celebration which I ran at their home. This was the first time I had taught an Art & Sip class in a home and I'm pleased to say it worked very well and everyone enjoyed the art party and produced some great paintings.

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