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Meet The Team

James Mackenzie


Acrylic Painting Tutor

After obtaining his Fine Art (Hons) Degree from Hertfordshire University in 2000, James ventured into the world of portrait painting. However, his passion for teaching led him to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design. 


For a rewarding span of seven years, James dedicated himself to teaching Art in secondary education. He took great joy in guiding students to discover their artistic talents. 


Throughout his teaching career, James continued to explore various painting styles and techniques. From expressive portraits that captured raw emotions to abstract landscapes blending architectural elements with nature, he embarked on a creative journey of self-discovery.


It was during this exploration that James found his true artistic calling—a "natural" painting style. By allowing his subconscious to guide him, he was able to create landscapes that existed only as memories or unconscious recollections. This revelation brought him immense joy and solidified his decision to pursue a full-time career in art.


Still driven by a desire to inspire others, James embraced the popular "Sip & Paint" trend that originated in America.  From here Art & Sip was born! James’s aim is to provide a fun and inclusive environment for people to explore their creativity. So, whether you’re looking to find a new passion to get those creative juices flowing or simply try something a bit different then take a look at our upcoming classes.

Nicola Dakin


Candle Making Tutor

Wreath Making Tutor

Nicola's candle workshops are very popular and she also assists at art events.   

Nicola is the owner and creator of Fifibells Gifts, a handmade gift shop. After leaving her financial career in London to raise her family, she followed her passion for candle making.


Gerrie Gardiner

Acrylic Painting Tutor

Printmaking Tutor

Wreath Making Tutor

My background is in education where I worked as a secondary school art and photography teacher for over 15 years and managed my own department. Recently I have worked as a tutor and on my own artwork in-between raising my beautiful family.

Cherish Marshall Art Tutor 

Cherish Marshall is an accomplished exhibiting artist whose work has been shown across England and Europe. She honed her craft at the University of Gloucestershire, earning her BA in Fine Art. Throughout her academic journey, she delved into various mediums and techniques, ultimately sculpting her oil paintings into  almost three-dimensional creations. Her art revolves around the intricacies of the human experience. 

Continuing her quest for artistic expression, Cherish pursued a master's degree at the University of Arts London. Here, she delved deeper into the human psyche while experimenting with mixed media in a style reminiscent of Dadaism and Surrealism. This eclectic blend of influences has equipped her with a diverse array of skills, which she delights in exploring. 

Her passion for art extends beyond her own practice; during her education, she discovered a love for teaching while working with a charitable organization. Cherish found fulfilment in imparting her knowledge to students of all ages and abilities, igniting their passion for wielding a paintbrush. 

Now, with nearly a decade of teaching experience under her belt, Cherish offers a wide range of classes, from drawing to oil painting and everything in between. And if you're lucky, she might even sprinkle a touch of gold leaf to make your masterpiece shine. 

Lauren Murphy 

Florist Tutor 

Craft Tutor

I studied Art & Design at collage which lead me to work as a prop maker, working on commissions for West End shows, parties and music concerts.
Following on from here I continued my creative career by qualifying as a florist, where I had my designs feature in a book by Judith Blacklock.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all of my knowledge and passion for crafting in a fun and relaxed way.

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