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Chelmsford Theatre Events 

We are thrilled to be working with Chelmsford Theatre to bring art to the heart of the City

Chelmsford Theatre Studio
Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1JG

Aurora Borealis 2.jpg

Aurora Borealis II

23rd September, 19:00

This original painting is the second artwork in the 'Northern Lights' inspired series by James Mackenzie.

'I am very passionate about this style of painting, which I refer to as my ‘natural’ style. I feel that this ‘natural’, almost spontaneous painting style allows my subconscious to take hold and I am able to create seascapes and landscapes, which previously existed only as memories or unconscious recollection.'

Aurora Borealis 2.jpg

St Oswald's Fire

24th October, 19:00

The piece is titled 'St Oswald's Fire'  Inspired by a sunset walk along St Oswald’s Way which runs down the coast of Northumbria from Lindisfarne in the North to Hexham. It was at the midway point where bold sunset tones were the most striking. St Oswald was the King of Northumbria and venerated as a saint in the Middle Ages


Winter Landscape, Sweden

4th December, 19:00

Following the 'Aurora Borealis Collection', I was inspired to create a winter landscape in Sweden. This serene, snowy wonderland features ground blanketed in fresh snow and tall pine and spruce trees dusted with white, all under a crisp blue sky with wisps of clouds. The peaceful scene is often highlighted by stunning sunsets, followed by the magical Aurora Borealis, adding to the enchanting beauty of the Swedish winter, reminiscent of a scene straight out of a Christmas card.

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