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Aruna Vaidhinathan to Join Art & Sip

Due to the Art & Sip sessions being fully booked I needed to find someone to work with me during the classes. As one of the Art Directors for the Ideas Hub, Chelmsford, one of my roles is exhibiting artist work in the gallery in Chelmsford Library each month. Aruna Vaidhinathan's artwork is currently on show and she has taken time to be in the Ideas Hub working on her latest paintings and answering questions from the public about her techniques and styles. 

Figure, reclining, art, art and sip, paint and sip, artist
By Aruna Vaidhinathan - Currently in Exhibition at Chelmsford Library

When talking with Aruna about the Art & Sip sessions becoming popular and needing assistance it became clear she would be an ideal person to bring on board. Aruna is not only an exhibiting artist but also has teaching experience.

Tonight is the largest Art and Sip class to date and Aruna will be assisting me throughout the two hour session. 

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Thank you so much Aruna, I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the art classes and so pleased you have joined Art and Sip!


Thanks James. I loved being part of Art and Sip. You are very dedicated to teaching art. At the end of the class yesterday, we were all brimming with happiness and energy. Thanks for everything. Art and Sip classes rock!

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