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Art & Wellness

Ever sat down and started to doodle? Lose time as your mind wonders, becoming free of the day to day stress, if only for a moment!    This is art, this is wellness!!

Art and crafts allow us to have creative expression serving as a beneficial tool for focusing the mind, managing our emotions though a calming, positive and uplifting experience.

We're passionate (we are artists after all) about what we do and strive to make our workshops feel like home for you. With a warm welcome, relaxed atmosphere with candles and calming music we invite you to settle in and enjoy a glass of Prosecco, unwind and let the music serenade you while you paint.

Countless times we have heard the expression “This is my happy place” as the guests get into their flow and let their creative side take over.  We love this, this is the community we are striving for, a place of like-minded people, strangers coming together to share what they love or simply to try something new.  There is no judgement, all art is beautiful, and we encourage our artists to paint in their own style that comes naturally to them.   “I can’t paint” is another one we often hear, and we couldn’t disagree with you more!  Art is all inclusive and we welcome beginners, we love watching and guiding your masterpiece and that final reaction when you realise how good you are, is priceless!

Whether its painting, drawing, candle making or floristry tapping into your creativity only have positive effects, if you're curious to learn more about our workshops, feel free to contact us.

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