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The Gift of Giving

So, that’s it. Christmas is done, another year over. Is it just me or do Christmases get more expensive by the year? According to a recent article, the average amount spent on Christmas in the UK is about £590 - and that’s without the cost of food and drink.

With the rising cost of living and the average salary not keeping in line with inflation, is there a way we can continue to enjoy landmark celebrations without breaking the bank?

It’s the Thought that Counts

Research reveals that 96% of people value the thought behind a gift rather than the gift itself. So why do we - as consumers - deem it necessary to spend so much on presents? It seems crazy when we could lighten the load on our purse strings and go all out on the sentiment.

With You in Spirit

According to science, gifting experiences is better received than giving material items. People who receive experiential gifts, feel closer and more connected to their gift giver compared with those who receive material gifts.

Researchers also observed that such presents can increase the connecting effect, even if the giver and the receiver aren’t sharing the same experience. “The reason is because even though you aren’t with me, I’m thinking of you,” said Cassie Mogilner Holmes, the Professor of Marketing and Behavioural Decision Making who co-published the paper.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For your next celebration, why not gift an art pack? Whether new to painting or a seasoned artist, this gift - combined with a YouTube tutorial - will get the recipient well on their way to creating their own version of an original painting by James Mackenzie.

James runs the events company Art and Sip and offers bespoke private events that combine team building and good food and drink, whilst bringing out your creative genius. Get 2023 off on the right foot by treating a friend or loved one to an Art and Sip session.

Gifts don’t need to be big or expensive. They can be small, inexpensive and still massively thoughtful. Whether a shared experience, or a sentimental gesture, they are a great way to build lasting memories. And that’s priceless.

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